Northside Festival

I Heart Staten Island will be screening with David Holzman's Diary at the Northside Festival on June 20th @ 6:30 pm.  Click the image below for details.

Venus in Fur

A theatre promo I recently cut for some BFC friends at Transient Pictures...

Sabrina Soto – How Are You So Sexy?

This is the final episode of a series I edited for One Glass Video...

Nickel Series Screening

Photos from the recent screening of After You Left at The Player's Club as part of The Nickel Series...

After You Left = online

About two years after getting into Sundance, After You Left is now online (in its entirety) for all to see and retweet...

Dwellings Close

I recently finished editing an unusual and compelling feature film by Jorge Cuiak called Dwellings Close.  While I don't entirely understand what the film is about, I think this is part of what makes it great, and I appreciated Jorge's willingness to let me make it even weirder than it already was.
The trailer (which I didn't edit) is below, and I think it effectively captures the strangeness of the whole.

Navy SEALs

This three part Navy SEALs series was one of the more profound editing challenges I've faced. I was given almost 24 hours of semi-synched footage from 3 cameras (sometimes more), and managed to edit it down (with the help of one assistant) to the 40 minutes you see below in about two weeks. As it goes, many of my favorite moments and musical cues were nixed by the producers, but I'm still pretty happy with how they turned out.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Flatland BMX

(Any incorrect subtitles are the fault of my iPhone.)

Vogue sizzle

I'm quite happy with the way this sizzle reel I edited for Vogue turned out, I only wish more people knew that I edited it...

recent edits


I Heart Staten Island

A short film I recently directed/edited/produced –– I Heart Staten Island –– will be premiering tonight (June 24th) at the Tribeca Cinemas as part of VisionFest NY.  It will be screening with four other shorts as part of the "5 Boroughs" project that it was commissioned for.